Winter Sewing Surprise, Apparel Sewing Supplies

Winter Sewing Surprise, Apparel Sewing Supplies

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It is cold out, and busy, busy, busy and I think that in the middle of all of that, it is really time to treat yourself to a Mystery Sewing Package!

You choose “Fabric Only” or “All Included” and schedule some time for yourself on your calendar, when you can pour yourself a tasty beverage, put on your favorite playlist, audiobook or Netflix binge, and enjoy a few hours of creative self care with your new favorite handmade as the happy ending to your night, then just sit back and wait for a beautiful and inspiring package to show up on your doorstep. 

What better way to shower yourself with love?  Or what better link to send to those who want to shower you with love?

”Fabric Only” option includes 3 yards of premium apparel fabric of my choosing.  

“All Included” option includes a paper apparel sewing pattern, the correct yardage and substrate of premium apparel fabric to sew the largest size/option for the pattern, and any unusual notions the pattern requires, eg elastic, elastic thread or buttons and one spool of matching thread. 

If you have ordered from me before I will look through your past orders to be sure I am not sending you something you have already purchased, (and if someone is buying this for you, ask them to put your name in the notes at checkout, so I can do that), because getting something you already have would definitely be a bit of a dud of a mystery!