Caring For Each Other

Sewing and creativity is such a wonderful way to spread love and take care of one another.  I love finding and sharing projects with my customers that we can all get involved in to help!

The Bib Project

                           Maker Mountain Fabrics Bib Project

    You may not know, but before opening Maker Mountain Fabrics, I ran a little children’s clothing line and sold these bibs.  They are super absorbent, cover a large area because babies learning to eat are MESSY and fit around newborn through 5T necks.  I was pretty proud of this pattern design of mine (and still love all the Bibs I made for my own family).  

    So when I closed down the clothing line, I decided to turn the bibs into a pattern, which I have sold for the last three years.

    In January of 2018, a nurse in Arizona name Brooke got in touch with me about the pattern.  She works in a children’s cancer ward and wanted to sew some bibs for her patients, but not for eating, for keeping their central lines clean to prevent unnecessary and painful dressing changes.  She wanted to know if she could share the Bib pattern with some friends who were going to help her sew them.  I said, YES! Of course! But really, I knew we could do better than that and I put the project idea out to this amazing community of sewists.

   So many of you have stepped up to start sewing bibs for babies in need of any extra help and handmade love we can send their way.  Brooke is now packaging up 3 bibs at a time and she and her coworkers are giving a package to each patient who checks in to the hospital, so that they have a few to use between trips to the hospital laundry room, and they still need all of the bibs that we can send their way!

    If you would like to get involved in sewing bibs to send to Arizona, or to a hospital near and dear to your heart, I would love to send you the Bib pattern for free and send you all of the details on how to get the bibs where they can be most useful.  Please send me an email at with “Bib Project” in the subject line and I will get all the information to you!


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