About Me

     My name is Grace and I have this little obsession.  And I think maybe you have that same obsession too.  And that obsession fills my mind and my time and my closets.

Maker Mountain Fabrics Grace Pollak About Me


Beautiful fabric.

     It makes me swoon sometimes.  It inspires me and lights me up when I discover it online.  It makes me giddy when it shows up on my doorstep.  And then there are these incredibly talented independent pattern designers.  I love getting my hands on their work and sewing handmade clothes, for my girls and myself, that I treasure.

     And I feel so, so lucky that I get to share all of this beauty and inspiration and fun of creating with all of you. 

     I would love for you to be in touch, to follow along with all of my creating and for you to share your creating with me. Come find me please!



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     And if there are any fabrics you are dying to get your hands on, pattern designers you love and want to see more from, questions about what will work best for your project, or if you just want to chat, get in touch!


I can't wait to get to know each other more!

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