Pocho Dots Rose Pompom, Nani Iro
Pocho Dots Rose Pompom, Nani Iro

Pocho Dots Rose Pompom, Nani Iro

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Nani Iro double gauze fabric is so very soft (fluffy, cloud like, decadent…). It is perfect for blankets, to swaddle your tiny one or snuggle yourself up with some tea on the couch, for making dresses or blouses or just petting and rubbing on your cheek when you have had a rough day.

Naomi Ito, the artist and designer behind Nani Iro fabrics, describes this fabric as "delicious looking colors as well as super kitsch colors from the long-beloved Pocho. This bright, fun fabric is perfect that all of the apparel and home decor sewing for the pink and fun loving person you love (especially if that is you!)


~This listing is for a half yard of fabric.

~For a longer piece, choose multiple quantities at check out and it will be cut as continuous yardage.
- example: 1 = 1/2 yard
2 = 1 yard
3 = 1 1/2 yards

~ 41 inches wide.


Cotton Double Gauze

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