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The Perfect Baby Blanket Sewing Tutorial

This blog (and my life) has gotten so caught up in the business part of this business! Taking the time this week to remember why I am doing it - because I love it! Duh!  So here it is, an actual post about sewing! The whole point of all of this.     Now, I know you all know the different things I make (most likely because every time I make something new I show it off on the Facebookand the...

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Here we go! How My First Small Business Began!

After about a year of thinking, and hoping, and a little bit of sewing (when I had time, for the people I love) I am finally really trying to make this work.  I am not going back to teaching next year.  Teaching which has been my job, my passion, my love for the past 6 years, plus grad school, plus undergrad.  So it is scary.  And different.  And very exciting. Everyone in my life has been...

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