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2016 - Wow, Friends, Wow!

2016: a year that has been pretty much a disaster for the world, but surprisingly wonderful in my life!  2016 saw the end of my first business, Fun Little Things, which, while bittersweet, was freeing and absolutely the right decision.  2016 saw the creation of Maker Mountain Fabrics.  Maker Mountain Fabrics went from 1 fabric I was selling through Fun Little Things, to 41 fabrics (past and present) 5 patterns (one of which I designed myself) and 5 all inclusive sewing kits all in their own etsy shop, then independent website.  MMF went from 0 to 2,281 Instagram followers. MMF started a facebook group that now has 100 members Between Etsy and the website, MMF has made 148 sales, shipped...

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Last Minute Gifts to Sew

    Well, friends, in case you haven't noticed, it is getting down to the wire on hand sewn holiday gifts.  How does this always happen?  If you are like me you always have good intentions of being so organized, starting early, calmly sewing and still having lots of time to peacefully enjoy the holidays with your family.  And then life happens and then somehow this meme becomes way too real to even be funny.  Ok, ok, it's still funny.  We may be procrastinators, but at least we can laugh at ourselves.      But it's okay friends, because I have you covered!  It's like somewhere deep inside I knew I was going to do this again this year.  Like somehow I...

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Holiday Gifts for the Sewing Obsessed!

This is us, friends! Sewing obsessed!  Finally our turn!      Do you have anyone on your list that is as sewing obsessed as you?  Or someone who you know wants to learn and you want to help bring them into this wonderful, wonderful way of life?  Or maybe there are some people asking what it is you would like?  Problems solved!  This post has you covered! (Special Note I have never had to worry about before... All of the amazon links in this post are affiliate links, but I absolutely promise that I would never recommend something I do not really love, and in the case of this list, they are all items I really would love to receive.)  Selfish...

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Handmade Gifts for Kids - To Spark Imagination!

Here it is friends, part 3 in my Handmade Holiday Gift Tutorial Roundup series!  Any kids who happen to be on your Christmas list are in serious luck this year, because I have here for you a list of some amazing tutorials to make gifts that children will love and that you will love to sew, to give and play along with them!  Dinosaur Tail       It is my informed opinion that every kid secretly wants to be a dinosaur.  Even my quiet, rule following, serious girl puts on her dinosaur tail and roars, twirls, terrorizes block towers and giggles her little head off.  And the color and pattern options are endless!  Crayon Wallet Tutorial     A present that...

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Handmade Gifts for Awesome Ladies

Well, hi there, friends!     So I know that you are all a bunch of awesome ladies.  And I know that awesome ladies surround themselves with other awesome ladies.  We need to remember that this week, and going forward, and we need to work together against this heartbreaking madness.  I am inspired by the groups of women coming together, supporting each other and motivating each other to take action.      And I think that those friendships, those heart expanding relationships, deserve some very special handmade gifts this holiday season (and ALL the time).  So I have gathered up some inspiration for you to shower these awesome ladies with handmade love! (And, y'know, in case the awesome lady who needs a...

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