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Linen Fabric, Ooh, Yes, Please! - Maker Mountain Fabrics Substrate Series, Part 3

Linen is an absolute classic for apparel sewing, and is particularly amazing for summertime apparel.  Linen fabric is lightweight, crisp and soft at the same time and gets softer every time you wash it.  Clothing sewn with linen whooshes (a technical term) lightly around you when you walk and always make you feel very chic and like the boho goddess you always knew you were meant to be, the one who is very good at adulting, and gets to go on lots of lovely vacations.      

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Sewing With Rayon Challis - MMF Fabric Substrate Series, Part 2

Hi there, friends!      I am going to be honest here and tell you that I was a bit nervous about writing this installment of my fabric substrate series (click here to see part 1 on Double Gauze).  I am pretty new to rayon and did not have the deep knowledge about it that I have on many other fabric types.  But I knew I wanted to research, and learn more, so this is the perfect opportunity to share that research with all of you (plus, some gorrrrrrrgeous rayons are shipping to me for the shop next week). Well, the first thing I have to tell you before I go on is, challis is pronounced sha-lee.  Who knew? Rayon...

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Nova Dress by StraightGrain Patterns - Baby, Toddler and Girls Dress and Top Sewing Pattern

     I am so excited to be sharing this beautiful pattern with all of you and I was so honored to be asked by An of StraightGrain Patterns to be a part of this blog tour.  The Nova Dress and top is a clean, classic style girls top and dress pattern with so many gorgeous options and incredibly well written and illustrated instructions.            The pattern can be made with cuffed long sleeves, cap sleeves or sleeveless.  The back closure can be made with an invisible zipper, a button or ties.  And the front can feature flat pleats, box pleats, zigzag pleats or honeycomb pleats.  And it can be made in sizes 3m - 12...

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Girls' Sun Dress Workshop - Santa Cruz, June 1st

    Hi friends,           I know a lot of you don't live close, so as much as you would love to, attending an in person workshop in Santa Cruz is just not plausible.  I wish I had a magic space-time continuum defying sort of wrinkle in time science/magic that could get you all here for the workshop and back to your beds for a good night's sleep.  But until I work that out, I am so sorry to say it, but this blog post is just not for you.  I mean, you are welcome to read it, but you probably aren't going to get a lot out of it.      For my local friends!...

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Double Gauze - The Fabric of my Dreams, MMF Fabric Substrate Series, Part 1

Hi there, friends!        When I came up with this idea to write a whole series of blog posts describing different fabric substrates in detail, and what they are best used for, I knew that double gauze would be my first installment.                                      Since the first time I touched double gauze, I have been obsessed!  It is so soft to your fingers, and when you rub it on your cheek, if rubbing fabric on your cheek is the sort of thing you are into (which I think you probably are).  I also love to describe it as cloud like, because it...

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