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Have Legs Will Wear Shorts

Shorts, friends, shorts! It’s summer, it’s about to get hot. I like to hike and garden and run around doing fun things with my kids. So shorts- wearing them and sewing them- should be a no brainer. But... Somehow, I have never sewn them, and I haven’t even worn them in at least ten years.  Because I have big thighs, and a big butt.  And people (women) shaped like me aren’t supposed to wear shorts. What kind of bullshit is that? I wear skirts and dresses.  I wear capris length yoga pants. I even wear a bikini. A bikini, friends! I find them way more comfortable than one piece suits.  I think I am too tall for them, and too...

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Self Care Sewing Series, Part 3 - Mac

I am so excited to bring you all part 3 of the Self Care Sewing Series!  If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 yet, I highly recommend them!  I explain more of why I wanted to start this series, and why I feel so lucky to have met these 4 amazing women on the internet and am so happy that they have agreed to share some of their sewing and self care journeys here with us, but also so happy that they have all argeed to become my friends! Today we have Mac, of Macs Make Space, Harper & Lu, Sew Altered Style and oh yeah, full time working mom to two adorable cuties.  I so admire everything she...

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