Throw Pillow Tutorial - The Easiest Way to Add Tons of Gorgeous to your Home!

Friends!  Pillows! Gorgeous pillows! 

Shibori Pillow DIY

I love them! 

I love them for snuggling with, I love them when I finally fluff everything back up and my living room suddenly looks clean even with duplos all over the floor, and I love how easy they are to sew!

Pillow Lifestyle

Pillows are a fun quick project when you need to get your sewjo back.  They make a fantastic gift.  They are perfect when you want to sew something for yourself, but aren't quite feeling like putting in the time and attention to detail to make a beautiful top or dress (but in case you do feel like that, might I recommend you look here for inspiration).  And most importantly, it is so much fun to be able to see some of your favorite fabric, looking gorgeous and serving a purpose in the rooms you and your loved ones spend the most time in. 

Pillow Sewing Tutorial

So here it is friends, how to make your very own amazing pillows!

DIY Throw Pillow


22 inch Pillow Insert (or 2)

3/4 Yard of 54" or Wider Woven Fabric, per pillow (Here is the fabric I used in these pictures.  These would also be lots of fun if you want something with a bit more structure!)

1 1/2 Yards of 44" Woven Fabric, per pillow

1 18" zipper per pillow


Step 1:

Cut two squares, 23" x 23".  The term square is relative.  This isn't quilting, they don't have to be perfect, no special rulers or tools required, just measure and cut!

Step 2:

The zipper.  Don't worry, I promise this is easier than you fear.  I thought I did not know how to do zippers, and I have avoided them for years.  But then, something magical happened.  When I sat down to make these pillows, I suddenly realized that I did know how!  My mom taught me in high school and it all came back to me.  And I am here to share the genius method with you!

  • Place two fabric squares right sides together
  • Whichever side you want to have the zipper on, sew a 5/8" seam with a basting stitch (longest stitch setting, loosest tension setting) all the way across.
  • Press seam open.
  • Place zipper face down, centered on the seam and in the middle of the pillow.  Pin in place. 
  • Sew in place (be sure to set your machine setting back to normal first!).  Using a zipper foot, sew down one side, back and forth a few times under the metal stopper at the bottom of the zipper, up the other side and back and forth a few times again above the top. 
                  Top of Zipper         Bottom of Zipper
  • Using a seam ripper or razor blade, rip the basting stitches open.
  • You have a perfect zipper!  Yay!
Finished zipper

    Step 3:

    Sew Pillow.

    • Unzip zipper a few inches.
    • Align two fabric squares so that they line up.
    • Pin in place (if you want to, I hear that is a thing people are into).
    • Sew 3/8" seam starting at bottom of zipper, around other three sides and ending at top of zipper.  Be sure to stop at each corner with the needle down in the fabric, lift the presser foot and pivot fabric to get a crisp corner.

    Step 4:


    • Trim seams if any are particularly big, uneven or silly.
    • Cut a diagonal line at the corners, close to the stitching, but be sure not to cut through the stitching. 
    Trim Corner
    • using the unzipped few inches of zipper, turn pillow case right side out.
    Flip through zipper
    • Push out corners with your fingers, or my favorite for a nice crisp corner, a chop stick.
    Chopstick to press out corner
    • Place your pillow insert inside.
    • Zip up.
    • Place on your couch.
    • Enjoy every time you walk into your living room!
    Pillow on Couch
      Told you it was easy!  If you give it a try, especially if you are a beginner, I would love to hear how it goes and see pictures of the process and the end product!  You can email pictures to me at, share them in my facebook group,

      or use #makermountainfabrics or tag @makermountainfabrics on Instagram!


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