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DIY Cloth Napkin Tutorial

One question, friends, before we get started. Do you like eating? Ok, wait, wait, one more... Do you like having something to wipe your hands on while you are eating? Obviously I was lying, but this is the last one, I promise. Do you care about the environment? Y'know, trees? Landfills? Water usage in paper manufacturing? I thought so.      And I know you like making things, using pretty fabric and giving handmade gifts as a way to show your love.  So, friends, I have the perfect project for you today! Cloth Napkins!      They are easy and fun to make.  They will look beautiful on your table on the table of your loved ones.  They serve an important purpose. ...

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Throw Pillow Tutorial - The Easiest Way to Add Tons of Gorgeous to your Home!

Friends!  Pillows! Gorgeous pillows!  I love them!  I love them for snuggling with, I love them when I finally fluff everything back up and my living room suddenly looks clean even with duplos all over the floor, and I love how easy they are to sew! Pillows are a fun quick project when you need to get your sewjo back.  They make a fantastic gift.  They are perfect when you want to sew something for yourself, but aren't quite feeling like putting in the time and attention to detail to make a beautiful top or dress (but in case you do feel like that, might I recommend you look here for inspiration).  And most importantly, it is so much fun...

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