Sew Family Jammies Sew Along!


     I am so excited to witness the amazing community sew along that Mac of MakesMakeSpace on Instagram and Sew Altered Style patterns is hosting starting on Friday, November 29th: Sew Family Jammies!  I was originally planning on cohosting with her, but had to step down due to the realization that I had definitely over committed myself.   I am still thrilled by everything that is planned for it and can not wait to follow along! And I am still sponsoring three prizes!

Sew Family Jammies "I Registered"

     Starting November 29th and running through New Year's Day, Sew Family Jammies is a worldwide, super inclusive, jammies (pajamas, Pjs, jams, whatever you want to call them) sewing challenge.  The definition of family is whatever your definition of family is.  It could be your partner, your kids, your parents or siblings.  It could be your pet or the best friend or friends who mean everything to you.  Those who love you and who you love are getting jammies, you are sewing them, and the super generous sponsors are giving you prizes for joining in.  What could be more fun?

    There will be weekly prizes on both instagram and Facebook and a few amazing grand prizes at the end, just for sharing pictures or the process or the finished garments, plus there is a whole blog tour with 21 different sewing bloggers full of inspiration and Mac and I are both writing blog posts as well to get us all started.  Mine (this one) will be all about fabrics that are perfect for the project, and Mac's will be full of pattern inspiration!

    If you are ready to jump in and commit to joining us, register now, for free, to help us keep track of everyone participating (and to be eligible for those prizes), head on over to Sew Altered Style and sign yourself up!

    And now for what we are all here for-

Fabric Talk!

     The first decision you have to make when planning your jammies sewing is knit or woven, stretchy or not stretchy.  I love all jammies stretchy or not.  Anything that is cozy and soft and lets my body know it is time to cuddle up and rest is ok with me.  I am going to share some recommendations below from both categories.  For the Sew Along, you are welcome to use fabric and patterns from any shop.  I would love for it to come from my shop, or course, and I sincerely believe I have some fantastic options, but it is definitely not a requirement!


   The exact weight and type of knit fabric you will want to use for jammies will depend on the winter temperatures where you live, and maybe more importantly, thermostat opinions in your household.  

   I have lots of jersey jammies that I wear year round and I love them! Soft, stretchy, not too thick, so you don't get too hot in the night, plus, there is such an incredible assortment of fun jersey prints and colors! And with 95% cotton, it breathes nicely and feels good against your skin.  There is nothing that can compare to natural fibers!  If you live somewhere not too cold, keep your thermostat set not too cold, love making fires in your fireplace of cuddling up under blankets, jersey is the knit fabric for you!

Trinket Dreams Green Striped Jersey from Art Gallery Fabrics

    If you live somewhere super chilly, are very grown up/ adulty/ responsible/ eco-friendly with your thermostat settings, you are probably going to want something thicker for ultimate coziness this time of year.  Enter french terry, sweater knits and stretch fleece!  All three fabrics will keep you warmer than traditional jersey fabric, but are still soft and stretchy for lounge-ability.  

    The french terry I keep in stock is not physically much thicker than jersey.  If you hold one layer between your fingers, they will be about the same distance apart as if you are holding jersey.  But if you weigh one yard of it, with the same 58" width, the jersey will weigh 5.1 ounces and the french terry will weigh 8.3 ounces.  That is because it is more tightly knit, with thicker fibers.  The french terry in my shop is also a bamboo/organic cotton blend, making it incredibly eco friendly, while also being very breathable and completely lovely against your skin.






French terry Hudson joggers

    The Hudson Joggers I made from it are my absolute favorite thing to wear and all of the customers who have ordered it from me in the past have told me how superior it is to other french terries they have worked with.  The only downside is that it only comes in solid colors (but nothing a little screen printing, fabric stamping or fabric painting couldn't fix if solids aren’t your thing!)

    Sweater Knits and stretch fleeces are even cozier!  You will notice both a thickness difference pinching a single layer between your fingers and a weight difference between these fabrics and jersey.  They are very warm, which should not actually be surprising given their names!  They will however, usually, have a lower stretch percentage, so be sure to check the stretch percentage requirements of the pattern you have chosen before getting your heart set on a certain sweater knit fabric.  Or be ready to change your pattern choice.  I am much more of a start with the fabric, sort of sewist and get my best inspiration from the material, then find the pattern that will work for it, but I know some of you work the other way around.  That’s ok.  I guess.

     And, I have some super lovely sweater knits, French terries and stretch fleeces on their way to me! They are sustainably and ethically made and you are basically going to want to sew yourself a cocoon and live inside it.  If you want to be sure to see them and get your chance to preorder them before they are available anywhere else, come join my Facebook group! I always offer preorders to my friends there as soon as new fabrics ship to me, and ship them out to you within a day of them arriving here.  Plus, we have lots of fun sharing our inspiration and our struggles with people who get it!


     If stretchy fabrics are not your thing, there is nothing more classic for winter jammies than flannel!  It is soft, warm and cozy, it’s easy to sew, it can be used for more structured garments and just feels so wintery!  Plus, it comes in all the plaids, stripes and herringbone patterns that make your heart sigh with happiness as soon as you see them.  

Red plaid flannel

   And I just so happen to have really stocked up on flannel fabrics this month!  You all bought a lot of them during my big Stay Home and Sew on Black Friday Sale, but I still have plenty in stock to make your family jammies sewing dreams come true!    Go check them all out and grab yourself a few yards so you can get busy creating!

   And if you live somewhere warm this time of year (Southern Hemisphere and Hawaii living friends, I’m looking at you), there are definitely some lighter weight woven fabrics that also make super lovely jammies, so don’t despair! You are not out of luck!  My absolute favorite for summertime PJ Pants is organic batiste.  It is soft, lightweight, easy to sew and comes in gorgeous prints.  Plus it is organic, and you can’t beat that!  It can be see through depending on the colors, but generally I don’t care so much if the people who see my in my PJs can see through my pants. If you live in a dorm or with a lot of roommates, this might not be your best bet, but your family probably won’t complain!

organic batiste fabric

    So, that’s all I have for you today, friends!  Are you joining in on the sew along? Have you made your plans yet? I would love to hear all about who you are sewing for, what patterns you are sewing and what fabrics you have chosen!

    And remember- this is all supposed to be fun!