Penguin Costume Sewing Tutorial

Annie's very first Halloween, at 9 months old, was spent in Washington, DC (where we were for my cousin's beautiful wedding)!  Nine month olds are the perfect recipients of hand sewn Halloween costumes because they have no ideas of their own of what they want to be, no protests, no changing of minds.  They are great! And they look super cute as tiny, fluffy animals. 

And I decided it was essential that Annie dress up as a penguin.  Oh, friends, she looked so cute!  So cute, that I know you will want to make one for your tiny person as well!

Taken mostly from this very well written and easy to follow tutorial!  Instead of plain white for the belly I used white with pink polka dots, because, in life, I mean, in sewing, I think that if polka dots are ever an option, they should not be passed up.  Also, the tutorial has a zipper down the back and a little penguin head hat. I chose to make a hood instead, which meant no zipper (oh, darn!)  Having seen Annie "wear" hats, I was pretty sure an attached hood was a much better call.  With the help of a texted picture of a hood pattern and some measurements (from none other than the bunny costume seamstress, herself!) the hood was born.  

    She wore a white shirt and black pants underneath.  The feet were made of felt and stuffing, hand sewn onto a pair of socks that perfectly fit her feet.  The wings are only sewn down above the arm holes, are loosely stuffed and have loose fitting elastic straps for her arms to go through, so she can flap away to her little heart's content and her wings stay right with her arms. 
    If you decide to make one yourself, I would love to see pictures of your little cutie penguin!
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