Maker(s in the) Mountain(s) Sewing Retreat

     If you have been following for a while, or have read any recent Maker Mountain Fabrics blog posts, you know that I am a big believer in Self Care Sewing.  All of us do it in slightly different ways, with different goals and accompanied by different types of self care, but for all of us who love fabric, sewing helps us to live our best lives. 

     For me, sewing, nature and friendship are the top three ways to feel peace, happiness and like all is right and I can do anything.  Basically, #goals.

     Sewing helps me focus and be present in the current moment.  It helps me take in the beauty the incredible fabric and pattern designers have created.  It inspires me and allows me to create the exact handmade wardrobe pieces I have been dreaming of.  And it helps me shower love on the people in my life I sew for and on my ever changing body (and I have a whole other post on sewing, body image and fashion, fast and slow, stewing away that I hope to get to you all soon).

          Sewing machine close up

     Nature is what allows me to fully exhale.  Being at the beach, in the woods or in the mountains I can feel my heart rate slow, my shoulders and jaw unclench and I can really let the never ending to-do list go.  I can be totally in the moment by myself or with my family or friends.  We go hiking on local trails and playing at the beach a few times a month at the least (more before the tiny people started school, but I still make sure to fit it in.  One of the best gifts my parents gave my sisters and I was the love of, and total comfort in, nature and I am proud to be passing that on to my kids as well.  And a few times a year we take a week to go spend as much time in nature as we can.  To shut off Instagram and Facebook, to leave work and housework, to hike and swim, build snowmen and just be, in the fresh air, beneath the sky and among the trees.  

         Grace in the mountains by a lake in Mountain pose

    And friendship, and chatting with new and old friends, brings me so much joy.  I am so lucky to have family that I really enjoy spending time with and talking to and get to be with a few times a week.  And I have a few good friends I really love, but mostly they don’t live close to me, and even the ones who do I don’t get to see nearly enough.  Kids and work and life mean that everyone is so busy.  But I do LOVE when I get to talk to and spend time with those people and I LOVE meeting new people and having those talks when you know you are becoming real friends.  Two weeks ago after Katrina Rodabaugh’s Mending Matters book talk at A Verb For Keeping Warm in Oakland I may have gotten so carried away talking to incredibly kind and interesting new fiber loving friends that my mom was on the verge of texting my husband to ask him how he gets me to stop talking and leave places, when I finally came back to find her.  (And when I told him that story, he laughed and said the answer is there is no way, you just have to find something else to do with yourself while you wait). 

   Which is all why I am so excited to be able to bring the Maker(s in the) Mountain(s) Sewing Retreat to the world to share with all of you!  I am combining all of my favorite things, and I hope that they are some of your our favorite things, too, and you will come join me.  

           Maker(s in the) Mountain(s) Sewing Retreat

    From May 8th-11th, we will gather, at a beautiful AirBnB on Carnelian Bay in North Lake Tahoe.  We will talk and laugh, eat and cook delicious food (and you know there will be tasty drinks, too 😉) and play in the big blue lake beneath the tall trees, and we will create together!  We will screen print fabric you will then use to sew one of a kind pajamas, we will sew a perfectly fitting dress you will want to wear every day, and we will knit, embroider, color and have those talks where we know we are becoming real friends by the fire at night.  

     I have been leaking hints on Instagram and through my newsletter for the last few weeks and I am so excited to keep sharing details with all of you.  I will have more information in my next email and even more in the listing online when it is available for you to reserve your spot (early bird registration begins November 28th).  For now though, I just want us to be excited together for the idea of coming together and caring for ourselves while we care for one another.  This is such an incredible community online and bringing that community together in real life is making my heart basically explode with excitement. I hope, hope, hope, hope, hope that you will join us!

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