Last Minute Gifts to Sew

    Well, friends, in case you haven't noticed, it is getting down to the wire on hand sewn holiday gifts.  How does this always happen?  If you are like me you always have good intentions of being so organized, starting early, calmly sewing and still having lots of time to peacefully enjoy the holidays with your family.  And then life happens and then somehow this meme becomes way too real to even be funny.  Ok, ok, it's still funny.  We may be procrastinators, but at least we can laugh at ourselves.

Last Minute Mania

     But it's okay friends, because I have you covered!  It's like somewhere deep inside I knew I was going to do this again this year.  Like somehow I do it every year.  Here is a roundup of beautiful last minute gifts you can sew!  They are all quick, but will still be filled with love and make the people you love happy!  And if you are still in need of just the right fabric to make these gifts extra special, if you order by December 18th, the fabric will still get to you by Christmas Eve (barring any USPS catastrophes) and if you order even earlier, you will even be able to prewash and finish your sewing with time to spend Christmas Eve away from your sewing machine.  I am shipping out all orders same or next day this time of year because I know you are desperate to get to work! 

Last Minute Gifts to Sew

Gift Card Wallet

gift card wallet

    Everyone likes a gift card, friends!  They get to pick out what they really want.  They can use it bit by bit and think about how thoughtful you are every time.  They can use it towards something big they have been eyeing and still think about how thoughtful you are every time they love that something big.  Plus, uh, they are quick and easy for you to pick up.  But sometimes as givers we feel like they are kind of a cop out.  Like they aren't so thoughtful or that exciting to wrap and open.  This snappy little gift card wallet is the perfect solution to that problem!  You can pick fabric that your friend or family member will love.  You are putting in a bit more time and effort thinking about them.  And it looks so much prettier.  This tutorial is easy to follow, has beautiful pictures and perfect step by step instructions.  Just looking at her beautiful blog will make you want to make these for every occasion for everyone you know! 

New Throw Pillows

Shibori Pillow

     So super simple to make and yet so gorgeous!  New throw pillows can be fun and colorful or simple and elegant.  They are the perfect gift for any amazing woman on your list, and she will think about you and appreciate them every time she walks into her living room.  This tutorial shows you step by step how to make the perfect pillow cases, has links to the pillow insert and all the supplies you will need, and most importantly shows you the easiest, most foolproof method for sewing in an invisible zipper, and I keep hearing from customers and friends that they are so scared of sewing zippers.  Don't be scared!  I am here to help!

Wine Bag

Win Bag

Pretty much everyone likes wine.  And you are probably going to at least a party or two this time of year and are in need of a hostess gift.  You could even sew up a bunch of these today and be set for hostess gifts for the whole year!  These make that bottle of wine feel like so much more of a gift, show that you have put in a little extra time, thought and effort (above stopping at the store on your way to the party) and you can use any fabric to coordinate with another gift you are giving or to suit the tastes of the friend you are giving it to.  This tutorial is so well written and has such gorgeous pictures, you are seriously going to want to go straight to your sewing room and get to work on these. 

The Best Baby Bib

Maker Mountain Fabrics Bib Pattern and Bib Kits

     Maybe someone on your list is a baby or a new mom or dad.  They would love and treasure a hand sewn bib!  These bibs are so quick and easy to sew and the pattern is easy to follow and has great step by step photos to make sewing one (or a few) a breeze.  The bibs fit newborns for all that drool and spit up, and toddlers up through size 4T for all those monumental messes they magically know how to make while learning how to eat solid foods.  And in case you have no time left for running around town (or the internet) looking for fabric, terry cloth and snaps, you can even buy kits that come with the pattern and all supplies you will need to make a gorgeous gift that will be used and loved for years to come!

Reversible Coffee Cozy

Coffee Cuzy

     And that new mom or dad (or let's face it, pretty much anyone on your list) is probably tired and probably loves coffee.  Mmmmm, coffee!  So what better to make them, than one of these beautiful, reversible, reusable coffee sleeves and maybe a Starbucks gift card to go with it?  Another great tutorial with easy to follow steps and you get to show off two beautiful fabrics and two beautiful buttons.  This is another one of those gifts you are going to want to make a whole stack of just to keep on hand! 

    That is all I have for you this year, friends.  Now I am running back to my sewing machine to get back to more of my handmade gift sewing!  Tell me what are your go to last minute handmade gifts, I would love to keep adding ideas to my list (and to this post for next year). 

     I hope that you are all loving every second of that manic sewing and that you really are taking the time to celebrate the season and love and appreciate all the amazing people and blessings you have in your life.  Happy holidays to you all!  Thank you for being here with me this crazy time of year and every day!





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