Have Legs Will Wear Shorts

Shorts, friends, shorts!

It’s summer, it’s about to get hot. I like to hike and garden and run around doing fun things with my kids. So shorts- wearing them and sewing them- should be a no brainer.


Somehow, I have never sewn them, and I haven’t even worn them in at least ten years.  Because I have big thighs, and a big butt.  And people (women) shaped like me aren’t supposed to wear shorts.

What kind of bullshit is that?

I wear skirts and dresses.  I wear capris length yoga pants.

I even wear a bikini. A bikini, friends! I find them way more comfortable than one piece suits.  I think I am too tall for them, and too impatient. And I don’t really like being squished, haha.  Plus, I feel like it is my duty to my daughters and to all the little girls at the pool and on the beach, to show that any one in any body can wear any kind of swimsuit they want. And they can run and dig and play and most definitely swim while wearing it. 

So, why has it taken me so long to get on board with shorts? I think I have told myself that I just don’t really like them and that skirts are so much more comfortable.  And that might be true, but it has been so long since I’ve worn them, that I’m not actually sure anymore if that is actually true or if that was just my own self consciousness convincing me it was.  

But thanks to conversations with two good friends (by Instagram DM because that’s where many of my very favorite friendships exist) I got up my confidence, realized how ridiculous it was to be scared of wearing a piece of clothing and decided that this was the summer I would sew myself a pair.

And if my beliefs that shorts are not very comfortable is true, sewing them has got to be a huge part of the solution to that problem.  When I sew dresses and shirts for myself I do simple alterations to make them fit better and be more comfortable, and when I (we, wink, wink) sew shorts for ourselves, we can do the same! I may have to learn new kinds of adjustments I don’t already know, but that’s what the internet is for! Curvy Sewing Collective has never let me down when learning a new alteration, and I have high hopes that they will have me covered now, again! 

And then! In the midst of this realization, Sarah @serocreates sewed these shorts! And wore them!

         Zero creates wearing shorts

And wrote this caption!

    “This is literally the third time i’ve worn shorts in about ten years.  I never felt comfortable in shorts, and I got teased for my legs when I was younger so I felt shorts just weren’t for me.  I was so wrong! I’m still not totally comfortable wearing them without leggings, but baby steps!”

     And I felt so instantly connected to her and those feelings.  And then Christina, @Chrichrimano and I got into a discussion in the comments and she said she wanted to inspire others through Me Made May to show others “have legs, will wear shorts”.

    How completely amazing is that? She has legs! I have legs! We can put shorts on them! And she didn’t just want to put shorts on herself to enjoy her summer more, her very first thought was to inspire others,  motivate others, build confidence in others.

     So of course, this is someone I had to become friends with!  And I decided that I really wanted to go on this mission of inspiring and building confidence along with her.  And here we are! And here is our challenge, friends:

Have Legs Will Wear Shorts! #HaveLegsWillWearShorts

                          Grace wearing double gauze shorts in the woods

✂️ This challenge will run four weeks, starting Monday July 1st! 

✂️ Post a picture of yourself wearing shorts you sewed from any pattern in any fabric. Tag me and @Chrichrimano in your picture and use #HaveLegsWillWearShorts to be sure we don’t lose it.  I will reshare pictures in my stories to spread our confidence and motivation far and wide.  You can also share pictures in the Maker Mountain Fabrics Facebook group.

✂️ And every week I will randomly select one person who shared a picture to win a $25 Maker Mountain Fabrics shop credit and a PDF copy of a shorts pattern.  Alina Design has generously offered to donate a copy of the Chi Town Chinos pattern and shorts expansion pack, Sew Liberated has offered a copy of her Arenite Pants pattern (which she shared as shorts on Instagram last week), Made By Rae has offered the Rose Pants and Shorts Pattern And Helen’s Closet has offered the Winslow Culottes pattern. 

     I am so grateful to these designers’ generosity, friendship and enthusiastic support of this challenge!

     I am really, really excited about spreading some confidence, some body positivity, some acceptance of ourselves and others, and of course some sewing and creative fun, and I hope that you all get as excited as I am about participating.  And even if participating isn’t right for you right now, I would really love your help in spreading the word about what we are doing here with anyone who might be interested.  

    Oh, and in case you need some fabric to sew yourself that first pair, I have lots of fun colors of twill, linen and chambray headed to the shop as we speak, and will be doing preorders in the Facebook group to be able to get it out to you as soon as possible!  I also do highly recommend some super soft double gauze along with the Made By Rae Rose shorts as a very, very good combination!

    Now let’s sew some shorts and cheer each other on!