Handmade Holiday Planning Tool - A Gift for You!

   So, if any of you are like me (and I am pretty sure you are), you love giving handmade holiday presents to the people you love.  And if you are even more like me, you usually end up finishing them at the last minute, frantically, at night, after a few last minute trips to the local store, because you can not wait for shipping. 

   Our goal this year, friends, is to avoid that!  Our goal is to plan, be organized and sew away while filled with peace, love, your favorite tasty beverage and with holiday music blasting away over the noise of your machine.  Our goal, is no last minute trips to the store. 

    And I have the perfect tool, The Handmade Holiday Planning Tool, to share with all of you that will help us meet this goal.  All you need to do to get it is to enter your email address and it will be sent straight into your inbox, where you can't lose it! 

    This tool will help you plan what gifts you are giving to who.  It even has a space to plan the giver of each gift, in case your kids are giving handmade gifts as well, or you have a spouse giving handmade gifts that you are somehow in charge of planning, too.  If you have a big, crazy family, or are making complicated plans, you might need to print more than one copy of this first page.  That's great! Do it!  The beauty of the way this tool is made, is that you can make it work perfectly for you, your family and your gift giving style.

    This tool will also help you plan, organize needed supplies, and schedule each part of the making of each gift.  You will definitely be printing more than one of this page.  Print away friends!

    And, essential to avoiding those last minute trips to the store, this tool will also help you organize all of the supplies you will need, for all of the presents, what stores or websites they come from (might I recommend Maker Mountain Fabrics for your fabric buying needs?) and how much of each supply you will need. 

    Now, those of you who know me in real life might be shocked by how organized this tool will help you be.  I am not always so organized.  But, I am a Virgo after all, and the way my Virgo organizational obsession shows is through list making.  I love lists, friends, I really do. 

   And I have been dreaming of ways you can be the most organized with this tool as possible, here are just a few ideas.  Let me know if you have any more I can add to this slightly nutty list!

  • Print out all the pages you need, keep them neatly together with an alligator clip or two.
  • Print them all, and put them in a folder.  Or a binder! Ooh, binders!
  • Print them, laminate them, fill them out with white board marker and you can reuse them year after year.  This one makes my Virgo heart, my former teacher heart and my environmentalist heart all sing with joy!  Sheet protectors work well too if you do not happen to have a personal laminator in your garage. 

So friends, that is enough silly list gushing for today.  I really am so happy to share this tool with all of you and to hopefully be able to make everyone's holiday season a little more calm and peaceful, filled with a little more joy and a little less panic.  Get it now or email me at hello@makermountainfabrics.com if you have any questions. 

And I am sorry if it seems way too early to be talking about this sort of thing, but friends...


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