Holiday Gifts for the Sewing Obsessed!

This is us, friends! Sewing obsessed!  Finally our turn! 

    Do you have anyone on your list that is as sewing obsessed as you?  Or someone who you know wants to learn and you want to help bring them into this wonderful, wonderful way of life?  Or maybe there are some people asking what it is you would like?  Problems solved!  This post has you covered!

Holiday Gifts for the Sewing Obsessed

(Special Note I have never had to worry about before... All of the amazon links in this post are affiliate links, but I absolutely promise that I would never recommend something I do not really love, and in the case of this list, they are all items I really would love to receive.)

 Selfish Sewing Pattern

Ruby Dress Pattern

     Most of us who love to sew have this little problem.  There are so many things we would love to sew for ourselves, but somehow when it is time to buy a pattern or when we sit down at our sewing machines, we end up sewing for others instead.  A pattern to sew something for yourself (or herself) is the perfect present to let that sewist you love know that you know what they really want and that you think they are worth taking some time for themselves. 

Olfa Cutting Mat - The bigger the better!

Olfa Cutting Mat - Amazon

     Most people think of cutting mats as something only quilters use, or maybe middle schoolers working on a school project.  But sewists love them too!  They are great for prepping PDF patterns, quickly cutting perfectly square pieces for napkins or pillows, and I hear from very skilled people that they even use theirs to cut fabric for their apparel sewing projects. 

    And if you are going to use a cutting mat, you are going to need...

A Rotary Cutter

Fiskars Rotary Cutter


    With a sharp wheel blade, rotary cutters make fabric cutting fast, easy and a bit dangerous, and you all know us sewists like to live life on the edge. Hahaha!  But seriously, if for nothing else than prepping those 25 page PDF patterns, a rotary cutter is a time saving miracle!

Bib Sewing Kit

Voile Bib Kit

    Maybe the sewist on your list is a new mama, or soon to be, or auntie (or uncle) or grandma.  If they are, they really want to sew something special for that new little tiny one they love, trust me on this one, it's true.  These bib kits are the perfect gift for them!  They include the pattern and all the materials needed to sew up a few beautiful, perfectly sized and super absorbent handmade bibs.  They are available in a variety of fabrics so you can choose the exact right color and pattern, because we know each new tiny person is different and deserves something special. 

Wonder Clips

Blue Wonder Clips



     Okay, guys.  Real talk here.  I have never used these.  But I can not make it through my Instagram feed without someone posting about how amazing these are.  What I hear is that the cool kids aren't even using pins anymore.  Pins make holes, the fabric can still wiggle out of place while pinned, and there is that whole story about the seamstress who was holding a pin between her lips and coughed and somehow breathed it into her lungs and almost died.  Am I the only one who is a little traumatized by that story?  And apparently, these clips solve all those problems, plus they come in a bunch of beautiful colors.  Anyone who has ordered fabric from me knows that I really love blue, but there are tons of choices, you do you!

Gift Card to choose their own fabric, patterns and notions

MAker Mountain Fabrics Gift Card

    Probably the thing that every sewist I know always wants the most is more fabric.  I know we already have a closet full. And maybe some shelves in the living room.  And there is that pile on the corner of the dining room table, too.  But none of that matters.  There are new lines coming out all the time.  And they are so pretty.  And we need them, okay?

    But the thing is, picking out those new fabrics ourselves is a huge part of the fun.  Enter gift card!  And as luck would have it, Maker Mountain Fabrics now offers gift cards!  I have them listed for $15, $25, $50, $75 or $100 but am happy to make you a one of a kind gift card in any dollar amount you choose.  Just email me at and I will make it happen that same day!

And one last gift you should probably just go ahead and get yourself (considering it is totally free and lots of fun).

Maker Mountain Fabrics Facebook Group

Join my facebook group!  We share pictures of our sewing projects with people who get our excitement, ask questions when we are stuck, and make new sewing friends (because we all love making new sewing friends).  Plus, I show off new fabrics there first and offer preorders, share special coupon codes from time to time and ask for everyone's opinions on what new items I should bring in to the shop!  We would love to have you!

    That is all I have for you today friends!  Is there anything else that would make your sewing obsessed heart happy?  Leave me a comment and let me know, I always love new ideas and I especially love hearing from you!





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