Handmade Gifts for Awesome Friends

Well, hi there, friends!

    So I know that you are all a bunch of awesome individuals.  And I know that awesome individuals surround themselves with other awesome individuals.  We need to remember that this week, and going forward, and we need to work together against this heartbreaking madness.  I am inspired by the groups of people coming together, supporting each other and motivating each other to take action. (as true now in 2019 as it was when I wrote this the week after the election in 2016).

     And I think that those friendships, those heart expanding relationships, deserve some very special handmade gifts this holiday season (and ALL the time).  So I have gathered up some inspiration for you to shower these awesome friends with handmade love! (And, y'know, in case the awesome person who needs a little something special right now happens to be you, I completely endorse self care in the form on selfcare sewing!)

Graphic showing four projects and the words "Handmade Holiday Gifts For Awesome Ladies Sewing Tutorial Roundup"

Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows

    Oh, friends! Can I just tell you?  I made these pillows for myself last week and I can not stop smiling every time I go in my living room.  They are quick and easy to sew, they completely change up a room and I have written a super easy to follow tutorial for you, complete with links to everything you will need to make these happen. 

Simple Zipper Pouch

zipper pouch tutorial

    I just discovered this little zipper pouch on Pinterest, and I think it is one of the cutest things I have ever seen, and I am dying to make one, or maybe one for each of the awesome ladies I love.  Her tutorial is well written and has perfect photos to illustrate all of the steps.  You could even fill it with fun tools to help with your friend's favorite craft, make up, snacks, y'know, anything small!

One of a Kind Dresses or Tops


    The Made by Rae top and dress sewing patterns that I carry in my shop are well written and easy to follow, but so much more importantly than that, they sew up into the cutest, most comfortable and most amazing things you will have, I mean, your friend with have, in your/ her wardrobe.  They are gorgeous in cotton, voile or double gauze.  Boycott big business and feel comfortable, confident and proud by wearing handmade, no matter what you are putting your strength, energy and passion towards that day. 

Ipad Mini Case

ipad mini case

      A cute and secure case with a zipper pocket for your cords and pens for all those letters you have been writing!  The tutorial can be sized up to fit a full sized iPad or shrunken down a bit for a snugger fit.  The tutorial has fantastic photos to make every step easy and it even includes pattern pieces you can print out for free.  No measuring! No tracing! No worrying about super square corners, she has got you covered! 

Cloth Napkins

     Lastly, we have my very favorite handmade gift to give.  Cloth Napkins!  They are beautiful! They are soft!  They are good for the earth! And they are totally customizable according to the season or style of the awesome lady you love.  All you need is one yard of fabric for every 4 napkins you want to sew and matching thread.  Put on some good music, set up your iron, grab your scissors and get to work!  You will have a handmade gift you are proud to give!

    I hope this list has inspired you, gotten your creative juices flowing and helped you to think about how incredibly lucky you are to have these awesome friends in your life.  Get sewing, friends, have fun, and share pictures with me!  You can email me at hello@makermountainfabrics.com, share pictures in my facebook group or tag me or use #makermountainfabrics on Instagram.  And if none of these projects are exactly what you are looking for, or if you need a few more ideas, come follow me on Pinterest, I am pinning pretty and fun new projects every day!

    And as always, let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to help!



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