Girls' Sun Dress Workshop - Santa Cruz, June 1st

    Hi friends,  

        I know a lot of you don't live close, so as much as you would love to, attending an in person workshop in Santa Cruz is just not plausible.  I wish I had a magic space-time continuum defying sort of wrinkle in time science/magic that could get you all here for the workshop and back to your beds for a good night's sleep.  But until I work that out, I am so sorry to say it, but this blog post is just not for you.  I mean, you are welcome to read it, but you probably aren't going to get a lot out of it. 

    For my local friends! I realized that in my excitement about announcing the workshop to the world, I might not have shared all of the details that you want to know before signing up.  So here it is- everything you need to know so that you will want to run and buy your ticket now before the class fills up! 

The detail details:

  • Thursday, June 1st
  • Kaiwa Art and Play Space, 185 Walnut Avenue, Santa Cruz
  • 7-9:30 (We may be done early, but you are welcome to stay and hang out with me and your other new crafty friends, I won't tell if you won't.)
  • Only 8 spaces available!  I want to be able to give everyone my attention.  
  • Dresses will be made to fit Newborn - 6T

The bigger picture sort of details:

  • The dress you sew will be based on your child's measurements so it will fit them perfectly.  After you buy your ticket I will email you an explanation of where and how to measure your child and a simple form to fill in so we will all be ready to sew at the workshop.  If this is at all intimidating to you, please do not let it be, just get in touch and I will walk you through the whole thing, you don't even need a tape measure, I will teach you how to do it without one.  
  • You will have the choice of any of the 4 fabrics pictured here: blue flowers, pink flowers, pink dots or blue dots.  I need you to choose in advance so that I can have the fabric cut and prewashed for you.

Dress Workshop Fabric Options

  • All sewing levels are welcome! Really!  If you have never used a sewing machine before, come! If it has been awhile, come!  If you sew from time to time but have never made clothes, come!  If you sew all your kids clothes, but just want a fun night out being crafty, come!  Just come, we will have a blast! 
  • Sewing machines- if you have one and you know how to use it and want to bring it, lovely, if you don't, I got you covered! Promise!
  • I will have all other supplies: scissors, irons, thread, elastic thread and of course I will have your pre-chosen fabric washed and ironed and ready for you to cut and sew!
  • There will be tasty treats and wine!  Because what kind of night out is it without tasty treats or wine?  Oh, and probably some other tasty beverage of the non alcoholic variety for those of us who may be pregnant at the time (or who are otherwise uninterested in wine for any reason).  
  • I think an excellent plan would be buying your ticket with a few friends, and skipping dinner and bedtime with your family in order to meet your friends for dinner first.  Sounds like the perfect way to get started if you ask me.  And most of you know, I am partial to the El Palomar Taco Bar, but there are lots of great places close to Kaiwa.  😉

I really think we are all going to have an amazing time at this workshop, and I can't wait to hang out and share some incredible fabric and sewing love with you all!  

If you have any other questions or concerns, please, please get in touch! I am happy to answer them and am sure that others have the exact same questions.  I can't wait to see which fabric you choose for your our little love and I can't wait for our fun, creative night together!

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