Double Gauze - The Fabric of my Dreams, MMF Fabric Substrate Series, Part 1

Hi there, friends!  

     When I came up with this idea to write a whole series of blog posts describing different fabric substrates in detail, and what they are best used for, I knew that double gauze would be my first installment.  

                              Double Gauze Fabric

    Since the first time I touched double gauze, I have been obsessed!  It is so soft to your fingers, and when you rub it on your cheek, if rubbing fabric on your cheek is the sort of thing you are into (which I think you probably are).  I also love to describe it as cloud like, because it is soft and fluffy, and a little bit thicker than most of the fabric you are used to working with.  So, ok, I love it, just to maker that clear.  Now, let's get down to details so that I can convince you to love it, too! 

Since this is the first in the series, the first thing we should probably talk about is basic fabric types.  All fabrics fit into one of two categories: woven or knit.  This is dependent on how the fibers are combined to turn thread into fabric.  When looked at up close, woven fabrics will have a cross hatch pattern to the threads, whereas knit fabrics are made up of a lot of little loops.  These loops give knit fabric stretch (sometimes lots and sometimes just a little, but that is a topic for another post).  The cross hatched threads of woven fabrics, can be thin or thick, and they can be woven tightly or loosely.  These factors all play into the softness, drape, structure, opacity (or lack thereof) and overall end result of the fabric and of the sewing projects you will want to create with them. 


Everything You Need to Know About Double Gauze

Fabric Type:


How it is Made and What That Means for Your Sewing:

    Double Gauze fabric is actually made of two layers of woven fabric, loosely tacked together.  Each layer is gauze, which is very loosely woven, giving it incredible softness and a flowy, lovely drape.  By combining the two layers, Double Gauze is able to maintain that softness and incredible drape, while no longer being opaque.  The two layers also add a soft squishiness that feels lovely to your skin and can help smooth over some of your own soft squishiness when used for apparel sewing.  Double Gauze does not have "stretch" but because of the loose weave of the fibers, it can be pulled just a bit more than other woven fabrics and can, with care, be used for the occasional project for which knits would usually be advised.  Always measure first, preferably two times, and maybe make a muslin with less special fabrics to see if this will work.  I do not want to be responsible for anyone's broken heart if they use this lovely fabric and then can't get their head through the neck hole.  

Projects it is Perfect for:

    My number one favorite use of double gauze is for apparel sewing.  Dresses, skirts and shirts for myself and for my children.  Every item I have ever sewn with double gauze quickly becomes my favorite thing to wear.  It is so soft on the skin that I feel like I am in pajamas, but so elegant and chic looking that I feel comfortable and ready for any professional or social situation.  

    In two weeks I am going to be attending Craftcation, a creative small business conference in Ventura, and I am so excited!  I will be attending lots of nerdy business workshops, stalking some of my business heros, meeting 5 of my internet friends for the first time in real life and attending a few crafty workshops as well to relax and learn some new, non sewing related skills.  This also means that I am leaving my husband and two kids for 4 days, which I am a little bit freaked out about, and I know I will miss them incredibly, but I am also pretty excited about a king sized bed to myself for three nights, I'm not going to lie.  But, I have decided that I need, or at least would really like, some more clothes that aren't yoga pants and t shirts for the occasion, and I would really like to sew them for myself.  

    The first project I knew I needed to make for the occasion was a top length Washi Dress out of the new Nani Iro Double Gauze I just got in stock.  I am pretty sure I am going to want to wear it every day.  

    I also love to use double gauze for home decor projects.  It makes incredible pillow cases and duvet covers! Perfectly for snuggling up, getting a great night's sleep or just really enjoying your Netflix binge!  

    And I love to use it to sew bibs for all the babies I love.  Babies absolutely deserve the best fabric, and bibs only take a fat eighth, win-win!  

Who Designs it, Who Makes it, Where Can I Get Me Some: 

    My absolute favorite designer of double gauze prints, is Naomi Ito.  She is a watercolor artist in Japan and her artwork becomes incredible double gauze fabrics in a line called Nani Iro, manufactured by Kokka fabrics.  I order it through a distributor in LA, and every time I place an order, I never know what they will actually be able to get, how long it will take to get to LA, how long it will sit in customs and when it will make its way to me.  I try to just order what I can and have no expectations, then it is a great surprise when I receive an email saying it is ready to ship to me and I will have it in just a few days.  Those emails always brighten my day.  The fabrics also, always go quickly and the last time I had some in stock I was not even able to make anything for myself before it was gone.  I am not making that mistake again and cut myself a few yards as soon as it arrived on my doorstep.  

   Birch Fabrics also makes some super soft, lovely and gorgeous double gauze fabrics, which also happen to be organic.  As of the writing of this post, I do not currently have any Birch double gauze in stock, but whenever I do, it can be found in the Double Gauze section of my shop alongside the Nani Iro prints.  

   And obviously, yes! You can get you some from me!  I have a whole section of my shop dedicated to my true love, double gauze.  I also offer presale of all fabrics to the members of my Facebook group exclusively, so if you want to be sure you get your hands on any of this incredible fabric as soon as I get it in stock and before it disappears, be sure to click here to join my group, then hit the "Join Group" button.  

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That is it, friends, all you need to know about double gauze!  Please, let me know if you have any more questions and leave me a comment letting me know what other fabric substrates you are dying to learn more about!  




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