Nani Iro Double Gauze Bloomers Sewing Review

What is cuter than bloomers, friends?  Nothing!  I take that back.  The only thing cuter is Annie wearing bloomers!

     I finally made her these bloomers I have been planning for awhile out of this amazing Nani Iro double gauze blue Pocho Dots (and the dots are shiny!)  They are soft and fluffy and adorable and impossible to do justice to in a photograph.  I took some pictures as soon as I finished (read: before Annie got them dirty.)  But that was night time, so desk lamp spotlight it was.  The next day we had a front yard photo shoot.

Way too many adorable photos to just choose a few for an Etsy listing, so blog post it is!  Still hard to see the beautiful light blue of the fabric out in the bright sunlight, but man, oh, man, Annie sure looks cute!

First a few close ups of the bloomers before we get to the good stuff.  And click here to get your own, any size newborn through 18 month!

Now for what you really want to see!

Any time of any day she will try to get in to this bucket. 

Hey, Mom, did you know you could go down these stairs to get to the sidewalk?

Kitten sighting!

These are not our flowers! Shhh… don't tell the neighbors!

Our tiny side yard = kitty hallway
And she knows it!

Enough already, Mom! Time for snacks!

    And there were lots more!  See my problem?  How can I choose 5?  And how can I stop looking at all these cute pictures and get anything else done during this nap?

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