2019! What a year it was! And 2020! What a year it will be!

Just like all of you, I’m sure, I’m spending this week between Christmas and New Years (and apparently the week after that and after that and after that, because here it is, January 18th already, and I haven’t finished this yet) thinking about the year behind and the year ahead.  All the great adventures had and growth and adventures still to come and growth I want to work towards. And sorry that we are all probably over reading about this sort of thing by now, January has been a wild month in my house, with 2 or my 3 kids birthdays and a decision to repaint the entire inside! Yikes, that definitely took longer than I expected! I will keep this as brief as I am capable of keeping this sort of thing, but you know me. 

     I am not a big believer in resolutions or choosing a word of the year. A year is so long! I sincerely hope I do not want to be working on the same thing in October that I am thinking about and wanting to work on now.  I feel the same about Make9.  New patterns are going to come out to inspire us.  New fabrics, too.  I definitely have plans and ideas for 9 things, at least, that I would like to make myself right now (West Cliff Dress using Rifle a paper Co knit, Taos Flannel Estuary Skirt, knit PJ pants, sweater knit Montlake Tee, Rib Knit Kila Tank,  make that 2 or 3 of those, French Terry Pants no 2 to stay warm and cozy under all my dresses, Double Gauze Washi Top, Shetland Flannel Wilder Gown as a nightgown, and definitely some Half Moon Atelier Super Basic Underpants from all my amazing knit scraps, so just a few things, haha).

     But, I know the chances of actually getting time to sew all those things before the weather drastically changes, new inspiration comes along that I am dying to make a part of my handmade wardrobe, the fabric I am dreaming of sells out or new fabric comes in that calls to me more loudly, is low.  And I am totally ok with that.  I want my creative inspiration to be flexible and filled with joy and desire and not guilt and obligation to some list I made 9 months ago.  Right now these plans are making my heart skip a beat, but if they aren’t in 3 months, that is 100% ok with me. 

     But if Make9, or resolutions, or word of the year feel empowering, motivating and filled with joy for you, I totally and completely support you!  We don’t have to be the same! How boring would that be?

     I do love looking over the past year though.  Going through the pages of my old planner to see what I was working on and think about it again.  What did I learn from that? What joy did it bring me? Is there anything I forgot about and want to return to? is there anything that seemed super important that I am totally over? And going through my Instagram and Facebook thinking about the same things (and thinking about how much my kids have grown)!  Things I am proud of and do not want to forget, things that did not work out the way I hoped, but that hopefully I learned something from and even some things that may have technically “worked out” but I realize they aren’t quite for me.  


Here are a few of the bigger highs for me from the past year.

Sustainably, ethically produced apparel fabrics that are incredible to work with and wear, and a new Washi dress- always a favorite pattern to wear and sew!

Bali Hai French terry Blue Washi Dress 

So many workshops and community sewing nights in this little studio!

The Sew My Size movement that swept across Instagram, thanks to my friend and occasional blog contributor Whitney of WhitneyGetsDressed on Instagram, everyone who jumped to support her and the hashtag, all the bloggers, pattern designers and fabric shop owners who called on the entire industry to face their fat phobia and do better.

Outside of the Maker Mountain Fabrics Studio Sew my size measurements 

Valentine’s Day Treat Yourself Sewing Blind date packages that were so much fun to put together and send off to you all.  Little packages filled with love to inspire your creativity and make something incredible for yourself!

Also, my first workshop teaching tweens and teens to make scrunchies.  The kids were incredible, so silly and enthusiastic.  I was nervous beforehand as I have never worked with kids that age, but I had such a good time sharing the love of sewing with them.  Their moms had to drag them out the door at the end of the night, pony tails piled high with about 6 scrunchies each and I was in absolutely no rush for them to go.  If you live close by and would like to arrange a similar crafty friends night for some tweens or teens you love, I would absolutely be ecstatic to work that out with you.  It would make a great birthday party, team celebration or just excuse to get the kids together so the parents can go out for a kid free evening together as well!

Sewing blind date package Scrunchies 

The Self Care Sewing series on the blog.  I was honored to have such thoughtful women share part of their lives with us here and am grateful for their friendship and constant inspiration!

Jane self care sewing post Mac self care sewing post 

Being a guest on Kimberly’s A Coffee With Makers podcast was so much fun! I had a great time chatting with her about the role creativity plays in my life and my highest aspirations for helping more and more people find a way to use creativity as self care.  If you have not listened, we would both love it if you did!

And this project with Katie Kortman where she painted on fabric from my shop.  We have all seen where that led, so basically, I am taking credit here for everything she has done this past year. Haha haha, just kidding, friends, seriously, that is all her inspiration, creativity and hard, hard work, but I am grateful that I got to be a small part of it!

A coffee with makers podcast Katie kortman painted shirt 

These twirly organic linen Easter dresses.  I may have spent hours gathering those tiers, but omg they came out so adorable and the girls loved and still love wearing them and twirling until they fall down.  What more could I ask for in a sewing project!

Twirly Easter dresses

The Maker(s in the) Mountain(s) Sewing Retreat in Lake Tahoe in May!!!!!

Friends, I could talk for hours about how incredible this experience was, how much it meant to me that these four women trusted me with their creative self care, their money and their time away from their families and responsibilities, how much fun we had, how creative they all are, how beautiful the location was and how these women will forever be a part of my life and my heart after those 4 days together.  Also how much it meant to me that 3 of them immediately signed up for my next retreat, the very hour it went on sale!

 The retreat! Selfie by the lake! The retreat! Everyone sewing at the big table   The retreat@ screen printing The retreat! Group selfie The retreat last sit by the lake

The fun we have had in the Facebook Group getting to know one another and inspire each other creatively and to take care of ourselves more deeply.

The Have Legs Will Wear Shorts challenge I ran on Instagram through the month of July.  So much support, positivity, creativity and joy! Thank you to everyone who took part!

 Facebook group prompt for think about yourself thursday Have legs will wear shorts sewing challenge 

This Metamorphic Dress, I love it and wear it at least once a week! Also this day on the beach with my mom, my kids and my nieces and nephew and the willingness of them all to put up with my photo shoot desires! Thank you for this great pic, mom!

My first metamorphic dress

And here are some of the things I am most looking forward to in 2020-

Maker(s on the Coast) Sewing Retreat in February!  This is going to be such an incredible long weekend dyeing and sewing together, eating and laughing and letting ourselves do whatever we need in that moment, in a beautiful place filled with amazing people!

 Makers on the coast

Lots more sewing workshops!  I am hoping to have two most months, a beginner workshop and an intermediate workshop.  I am also bringing in at least one guest teacher and am hoping for more.  I did make a decision to not host  any workshops between now and the retreat and while it was hard to say no to 2 months worth of workshops, it felt like such a relief when I finally decided it was right.  I want to focus my energy and creativity on providing the most amazing experience for those who have signed up to join me for the retreat as possible, without feeling like I am last minute scrambling, and the only way to do that was to take out one piece of the puzzle between now and then.  I have a list in my new planner of 22 workshops I want to share with you all this year, and I am sure that list will grow, but for now, we all have to wait! There will be at least one community sewing night though, next Wednesday, January 22nd at 7pm, email me if you would like to join and need the address, because those do nothing but fill me up and inspire me!  And I have sewing to do for my girls’ birthdays this month and I know if I schedule community night I will get time to sew!

(And oh yeah, did I mention that there are still three local spots available for the retreat next month? If you live within driving distance of Pescadero, I would love for you to join us, and if you don’t live within driving distance but want to join us, I have some possible solutions to the problem, email me at makermountainfabrics@gmail.com and I will share them with you!)

These beautiful, fun and high quality sew-in labels from Kylie and The Machine, on my desk, but not quite in the shop yet.  Soon, though I promise!

 Kylie and the machine labels 

Working with more of you whether you live near or far through online sew alongs, sewing challenges (of course Have Legs Will Wear Shorts is making a reappearance!) or as social media reps to show off all the amazing possibilities for the creative supplies in my shop and guest bloggers to talk about the bigger role sewing plays in their hearts, minds and lives.  I have a list going of people I want to work with on this front, but if you would like to work with me and have some great ideas we can make happen together, PLEASE get in touch!

More, new, sustainably and ethically produced incredible apparel fabrics, also finally in the shop, in the knit fabrics section forever and the Newest New Fun section for now.

Sustainable fabrics

Working hard to make everything I dream for this business a reality, while also finding more regular ways to take care of myself.  I don’t believe in balance, but I do want to find more back and forth.  Much, much more on this in a future post, I promise!

Finishing my Cardizen sweater! I am a little past halfway and dying to wear it!

And sewing of course, lots and lots of sewing!

One last request for anyone who made it this far, I would love to hear from you about how Maker Mountain Fabrics can best serve you, and make your heart sing, in this year ahead.  Please click here to answer a few quick and easy survey questions for me.  As a thank you for your input, I will be choosing one random participant to win a $25 shop credit, plus you all will have my eternal gratitude and hopefully I will be able to give you more of what you want from this space.

Thank you, friend, for being a part of my 2019 and a part of my 2020, both are made greater thanks to you!