2016 - Wow, Friends, Wow!

2016: a year that has been pretty much a disaster for the world, but surprisingly wonderful in my life! 

2016 saw the end of my first business, Fun Little Things, which, while bittersweet, was freeing and absolutely the right decision. 

2016 saw the creation of Maker Mountain Fabrics. 

Maker Mountain Fabrics

  • Maker Mountain Fabrics went from 1 fabric I was selling through Fun Little Things, to 41 fabrics (past and present) 5 patterns (one of which I designed myself) and 5 all inclusive sewing kits all in their own etsy shop, then independent website
  • MMF went from 0 to 2,281 Instagram followers.
  • MMF started a facebook group that now has 100 members
  • Between Etsy and the website, MMF has made 148 sales, shipped to 6 countries outside of the United States and sold out of 20 different fabrics. 
  • MMF now has wholesale accounts with 4 fabric manufacturers and 1 pattern designer. 
  • A super professional and super fun photo shoot with a real, professional photographer, Lucy Logsdon Photography.  She does family and wedding photography as well and makes beautiful and powerful documentary films.  If you are in the Bay Area or Central Coast and need a photographer, I really can not recommend her enough!
  • And I have written 14 blog posts!

   In 2016 I have had so much fun sewing for myself and for my family with the fabrics I carry in the shop.  I have enjoyed inspiring all of you with the options and possibilities with the fabrics I stock.  And I have learned so much and been so inspired by all of you sharing your sewing adventures with me.  And apparently we all love blue and having a cocktail in hand while sewing.  Here are my top 9 Instagram posts of the year.  The one with the mimosa had twice as many likes as any other. 

21016 Best 9

2016 brought a year of growth and fun and adventures for my family.  June went from being 1 to being 2 and learned to be a silly, sweet, danger loving goofball.  Annie went from being 3 to being 4, started preschool and will soon start a new preschool, kept on being the best big sister in the world, learned how much she loves building and creating and kept up her very serious love of books.  We joined a family hiking group and made so many new friends.  We spent lots of time playing and loving and growing with our family that we are so happy to live close by to.  We took a trip to Tahoe to play in the snow, to San Diego to visit old friends and went on 3 camping trips in 5 weeks.  I know that in 2017 we will keep growing and loving and laughing and having adventures together (sorry if that's cheesy, that's just how I roll). 

   The past 53 days since the election have been rough.  I have had a hard time focusing on growing my business.  It seemed mostly like a not good enough use of my time.  Like I needed to use my brain and time and energy to fight back against the hate that won the day.  And with all that atrocity going on in our country and the world, who cares about pretty fabric? Who cares about handmade clothes?

Well, I do.  And you all do to.  For all of us, making handmade clothes is a way to spread love, and more love is exactly what this world needs.  Sewing for myself, and taking the time to enjoy beautiful fabric and finding the peaceful space to sew has also been such an important part of self care.  I can not fight the hate, I can not do a good job of raising my girls to make the world a better place if I am burned out, depressed and endlessly scrolling facebook, reading articles and posts that fill me with rage and break my heart. 

I also decided that through my business I could find a way to do more good in the world.  I made a commitment to donate 10% of my sales to a different organization doing good work every month.  The first month I donated to a local organization called The Digital Nest.  Their mission, from their website:

Merging Silicon Valley innovation with proven programs in youth development, Digital NEST brings growth and stability to struggling communities by giving youth ages 12-24 the tools and training for futures in tech. Founded in the agricultural community of Watsonville, California, Digital NEST gives low-income youth much more than a place to use free computers and Wi-Fi after school. The NEST fuels life changes,connecting Members with the newest technologies and through training and mentoring, unlocking opportunities they never knew existed.
   I am so proud to have been able to support this amazing organization in my own small way. 
This month, my donation will go to an organization on the ground in Aleppo.  Preemptive Love Coalition is providing food and shelter to people literally trying to keep themselves and their children alive.  I wish I could win the lottery so I could give this organization all of the money that they need. Actually, as long as we are wishing for things, I wish that I could put an end to the genocide going on there.  I am proud to be doing my little part, but it seems like not nearly enough. 
And remembering all of this, and with the help of New Year's Eve to remind me to think about the whole year behind and the whole year ahead, today I am so inspired and can not wait to make 2017 happen! 
I have such big plans for Maker Mountain Fabrics in 2017!  Bigger, more beauty, more inspiration, more fun! 
  • Adding Cotton + Steel to the shop, including their gorgeous new thread line. 
  • Adding Robert Kaufman, too!  And Michael Miller!
  • Adding patterns by Christine Haynes and Blankslate Patterns
  • More regular emails and blog posts with inspiring projects.
  • Guest bloggers to add their own twist on inspiring all of you.
  • Collaborating with some of the amazing sewists I have become friends with on Instagram to bring you more beauty and inspiration through their incredible skills. 
  • A big Biz Birthday sale in February.
  • And who knows what else! 
There are so many possibilities for Maker Mountain Fabrics in the 12 months ahead of us and I can not wait to see what growth and change those months bring and to share all of it with all of you. 
Thank you so much for your part in this growth and all this fun, I could not have done it without you and I am so lucky to have formed so many great internet friendships! 
A happy and safe New Year's Eve and year ahead to all of you! xoxo

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  • Stephanie

    We have similarly aged kiddos! Totally understand the tension after the election with blogging/making/business growing. I feel the same way you do, after spending probably a full week just scrolling news articles and reading them obsessively. Moving forward!

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